Welcome to dEAL ME HEALTH!

Who we are:

Deal Me Health is an online disruptor within the healthcare and wellness industry. Our main goal is to provide providers with a way to find cash paying patients/companies and fill “dead time” on their schedules by utilizing our free online scheduling technology called DealMeHealthNow ™ and DealMeHealth ™, which bridges the gap between the provider and patient. The benefit to providers is that they have upfront cash, without denials or paper work. The benefit to patients is that they get a better deal on healthcare, convenience of online scheduling and price transparency. The mystery surrounding health-care pricing stems partly from the fact that hospitals, MRI centers and other providers generally don’t publicize how much they’re paid for services, which varies depending on who’s footing the bill. Insurers, which often contract to receive lower prices for their customers, also have traditionally not revealed these negotiated amounts.

Bridging the gap:

Deal Me Health bridges the gap for providers that want to market to and fill cash paying patients on their schedules. For patients and companies struggling with healthcare costs, we bridge the provider deal with your need and location. But soaring health-care costs have made consumers more conscious of price. Even consumers with health insurance increasingly find that they have a stake in the cost of their care because they’re paying a far bigger share out of their own pockets. For instance, more than half of workers’ pay a percentage of the price of outpatient surgery and hospital admissions, rather than just flat copayments. In 2010 (Reuters), there were $287 billion spent on out of pocket deductibles and copayments. On average, a provider only earns .40 cents for every dollar earned, after insurance, cost of running a practice and paper processing. Deal Me Health has a quest to solve this problem with technology and bridge this gap by offering free online scheduling to providers and crowd sourcing cash paying patients for providers.



  • Fill up your schedule with quality cash paying patients up front, cash upfront
  • We are not an insurance company
  • Upfront Cash, no more denials, scheduling, billing, coding or denials
  • Increase more referrals from other physicians



  • Insurance companies build more patient centric exchanges and new customers
  • Capture smaller markets that are unaddressed
  • Market to 47 million people who are uninsured
  • Track patient costs


Patients, Companies, Entrepreneurs and the Uninsured:

  • Let us negotiate prices with your providers
  • Online Scheduling
  • Quality Healthcare for a fraction of the cost
  • Primary care and Prescriptions at low cost
  • Reduce your healthcare expenses and out of pocket costs